Finding a Trustworthy Masonry Contractor, CA

Finding a Trustworthy Masonry Contractor

  Finding a trustworthy masonry contractor can be a challenge, especially when the project is more than just a laid-in patio or a barbecue pit. Artistic masonry, like water features, retaining walls and pavers call for experience and insight that take more than just laying bricks. The company that you hire not only needs to […]

Tips for Retaining Wall Construction

Tips for Retaining Wall Construction

There are a lot of reasons why putting up a retaining wall can be a good thing for your home. Most people think that a retaining wall construction is an aesthetic move, but in reality, it is also a way to keep your landscape preserved and orderly. A well-placed retaining wall keeps the soil and […]

Patios Santa Cruz

Build Your Patio the Professional Way

If you’re looking to expand your living space, a patio is a perfect way to do so—with the added benefit of beautifying your home. A well built patio, however, requires professional knowledge and know-how. This article presents a few tips on the basics of patio construction so you can plan and build your ideal patio. […]